Our Name

Born in Germany, educated in Paris, and resident in Milan and Paris before settling in New York City, Alexa and Angelika have translated their professional experience and ethos into the name THE GERMAN FRÄULEINS.

In Germany, the term Fräulein was used to be applied as a form of address for young women. It stems from the times when Fräulein was used only to address young female aristocratic descendants. Although no longer customary, the term is often used in remembrance of dignified traditional manners.

Thanks to a young German Fräulein from Berlin, the term also found its way into the English language in the 1950s. After being elected the most beautiful woman of the young German republic in 1954, this Fräulein became a renowned mannequin and moved to New York, where she was celebrated as Germany's Fräuleinwunder. Since that time, the term has inspired the way of life of generations of young, attractive, modern, confident and sophisticated women.

This heritage is translated into Alexa's and Angelika's designs — young and enticing styles for attractive and unique women, based on these two Fräuleins' belief in authenticity and credibility.

The Idea

Often unable to find the types of clothes Alexa and Angelika really liked to wear, they launched THE GERMAN FRÄULEINS as a manifestation of a clear vision and a blend of two core elements: flattering designs and uncompromising quality.

Based on their patternmaking and design experience gained at some of the most influential European design houses, Alexa and Angelika create fashion from a perspective that friends and other women can truly relate to — cuts that emphasize a woman's confidence and modernity, yarns and fabrics that comfort and please the skin, and designs that embody desire.

Strongly influenced by their belief in credibility and authenticity, all of Alexa's and Angelika's collections are made from finest and most refined yarns and the garments are manufactured in Italy's most respected knit factories.

Alexa and Angelika attribute great importance to working onsite with their Italian craftswomen and craftsmen in order to profit form the experience that these people have gained over decades of producing fine Italian knit-wear.

Being initially focused solely on knit-wear, THE GERMAN FRÄULEINS will soon expand to offer a full ladies wear collection.